Many actors make the casting directors nervous just by being in the room.  Grab hold of your negative thoughts and use them to empower your audition.  We've all had that nagging thought hours AFTER an audition, where you think, “Ugh! I should have done it this way?” Stop should-ing on yourself. Lets remove those doubts so you truly feel you bring EVERYTHING to your audition and leave nothing for later. If you are new to the acting business or wanting to reignite that love of performing that moved you to this town then Mattie's workshop can help you make peace with that beast you've been wrestling with—yourself.  

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Student Testimonials

"If you are an actor who gets nervous in auditions and walks out feeling like you didn't show your absolute best and you are wondering why you do this and how to overcome it, then you should absolutely take this class."


Mattie's class is like group therapy for actors. He provides a safe and comfortable environment for artists to open up and face their career hang ups head on. It was not only therapeutic but I learned so much about myself personally and as an actor. I didn't want the class to end, it was such a wonderful experience and gave me completely new perspective. Anyone that feels they're not achieving what they want as an actor in LA needs this class!


Mattie's class really helped me to become more aware of my self-criticisms as an actor so that I can get out of my head and be my best self in the audition room. His unique therapy-influenced approach is both refreshing and insightful, and to top it off, Mattie is an all-around great guy and successful commercial actor himself. I highly recommend this intimate group-style class to any and every actor!


"Mattie not only helps you label your fears as an actor, but he gives you tools to conquer those fears! I loved working with Mattie! With is background in counseling, he treats you as an individual and works to see where you're coming from as a person. Someone likened his class to "actor group therapy" but I found it to be so much more functional and purposeful. After taking his class, auditions are still scary, but I now I have a practical way to deal with them so the nerves dissipate much more quickly. Can't thank him enough for that!" ~K. Wilson

K. Wilson


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